Porcupine Hill and Potter Sanctuary

In Brief

One of White Oak’s most popular trail systems, Porcupine Hill and Potter Sanctuary was originally known as the Nature Training School when it was founded in 1947 by the Worcester Natural History Society (now known as the EcoTarium). Its combined trail system spans 2.18 miles of easy paths.

Home to an incredibly diverse collection of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers across 86 acres, these woods support wild turkeys, bear, porcupine, deer, and vernal pool ecosystems, as well as a variety of thrushes and warblers.

One of this property’s most stunning features is when the acres of mountain laurel found here bloom throughout June in a beautiful display of thousands of white flowers.

The parking lot at Porcupine Hill is marked by sign on the side of route 31 / Paxton Road before the town boundary. Additional parking at Potter Sanctuary is 800 feet past Porcupine Hill’s parking lot and is unmarked.

Be aware that hunting is allowed here and on adjacent DCR properties. Wear orange clothing during hunting season as a safety precaution.


There are at least three geocaches known to be on the property, the Porcupine Hill Geocache, Hemlock Trail Conundrum Geocache, and Newton’s Geocache

Trail Map (PDF)

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