Henrickson Meadow and Anderson Extension

In Brief

Stone walls surround and bisect the open fields of the Henrickson Meadow, a 10 acre parcel hidden on the East side of Chapin Road at the intersection with Baily Road. This parcel is unusual given that most open space in Holden is wooded.  Abutting to the north is an additional 6 acres known as the Anderson Extension.

Henrickson Meadow, Front Field

There are a couple of short trails extending through parts of the property, including one connecting to the Fox Hill subdivision’s common land. This access allows for hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing by neighborhood residents. Public access to these two parcels is on Chapin Road, where there is a parking area to on the Anderson property with room for about 4 cars. There is an active geocache hidden on the property.

In Detail

Part wooded and part open field, the Henrickson parcel contains an extensive wooded wetland, which continues along the northern boundary. The southwest area of the property is mostly an open field with several old apple trees, and new growth of white pine trees. Harold Henrickson donated the parcel to White Oak Land Conservation Society (WOLCS) in hopes that the fields would be kept free of trees. In contrast to the forested nature of most of WOLCS’s other properties, the grassy, open fields at Henrickson offer habitat for field-dwelling birds and other species.

In the summer of 2004 Harold Henrickson, then living at 20 Chapin Road, contacted State Representative Lew Evangelidis to enlist his help in donating his land. Mr. Henrickson was a 90-year-old bachelor then living alone on land formerly farmed by his parents, which was divided between him and his siblings when his parents died. He did not want the land to be developed. Lew introduced him to White Oak and a lawyer, and White Oak agreed to have a parcel surveyed and delineated to give a minimal lot containing his house. The house and 1.4 acre parcel around it were sold, and the remaining 10 acres were conveyed to White Oak on January 27, 2005.

In 2016, an additional six acres was given to White Oak by Len Anderson.  This area allowed for the installation of small gravel parking area and kiosk.


Trail Map (PDF)

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Holden parcel ID 208-7