Asnebumskit Ridge Trail

In Brief

Asnebumskit Ridge Trail is a challenging 2-mile uphill hike to the top of Asnebumskit Mountain in Paxton, with an elevation change of 520 feet. The trail begins levelly along a scenic branch of Scott Brook, but shortly changes to a steep incline up to young successional forest–where one may spot the elusive eastern towhee–then to more mature woodlands with a thick understory of ferns. At a brisk pace, the hike can be expected to take a little under two hours round trip. Once you have reached the end of the trail at Asnebumskit Road, you can continue uphill to additional trails owned by the Greater Worcester Land Trust.

This trail would not exist if not for the generosity of the Durham family and the City of Worcester granting an easement over their private land. Please respect them by not wandering off the marked trail.

Before visiting, be mindful that this trail has areas of steep and rocky terrain. Sections may also be seasonally muddy or flooded.



Trail Map (PDF)

Google Map – Trail route on topo map, with parking areas clearly marked.

There seems to be a Facebook page for each trail head

South Road, Holden

Asnebumskit Road, Paxton