About White Oak

Our History
White Oak Land Conservation Society was founded in 1978 to preserve land as open space in Holden and the region surrounding Holden. We acquire land by donation or purchase, or preserve land by holding a Conservation Restriction on the property. We hold events for our members and the general public to enjoy local areas of interest and to get to know the wild life that lives there. We also fund education programs on topics of natural history in local schools. White Oak is a member of the Land Trust Alliance, which maintains standards for land trusts, and a member of the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect open spaces in Holden and neighboring towns and to share the joy of knowing and valuing these open spaces with people of all ages. Our Bylaws can be found here

Our Goals

  1. To protect open space by acquiring lands through gift or purchase, or by acquiring conservation restrictions.
  2. To advise land owners on how they may protect their lands, and collaborate with other entities, such as State agencies, to this end.
  3. To provide responsible stewardship for Land Conservation Society holdings.
  4. To provide educational opportunities to foster understanding and appreciation of natural environments, and to encourage conservation of natural resources.
  5. To organize events to bring people together to enjoy the fields, forests, ponds and wetlands.


The activities of White Oak are managed entirely by volunteers, and our income comes from membership contributions, donations, grants and investments. The society is registered as a charitable organization, and all contributions to us are tax deductible in full. No goods or services are offered for a contribution. Membership is open to all and greatly ensures our conservation goals.