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About Us Some background history about the White Oak Land Conservation Society.

Holdings    This gives details of White Oak properties and conservation restrictions.

Membership  This page will help you become a member or purchase gift memberships.

Events  This page is updated frequently to give details of upcoming events.

Maps  This page gives links to all map pages on the site.

Open Space A map depicting open space in Holden.

Holden Topographical Map A map of Holden's topography.

Wildlife habitat A map depicting the local wildlife habitat.

White Oak Trail The trail guide for White Oak and Trout Brook trails.

FAQs  Q & A about land conservation issues.

Links  Links to local, state, and national organizations focused on land conservation issues. If you live in Rutland, we strongly urge you to read about the proposed changes to the by-laws.

Eagle Lake   The story of Eagle Lake, and White Oak's involvement in  preserving it for the town.

Losing land  When land is threatened with development....

Saving taxes   Why conserving land will reduce property taxes across the town.

Vernal pools  Learn all about vernal pools and view a map of vernal pools located in Holden.